The Spooooky Shorts

August 21, 2008

This is my book entitled, The Spooky Shorts. Hope you guys like it as much as i enjoyed working on it.




A small oversight.

August 18, 2008

I missed out the part where we needed to show a shot of the poster in a real place. So here it is.

My Rockin BBQ poster had no real issue to tackle. So i decided i’d better do another one. Now, i really hate to have to redo something i already did but I’ll have to admit, i had a lot of fun doing this 2nd poster.

Posters and Logos`

July 31, 2008

Hi guys, sorry for the late late posts. Lemme just get right to the assignment then. I guess a week and a half is a little short to develop a poster and a personal logo but whadda you gonna do right? Also we had no restrictions again, so once again it was hard for me to decide what to make the poster for. I decided on creating a party poster since one maybe coming up soon with any luck.

Anyway, here was my first attempt on the left, I knew i wanted it to look simple, fun and have a BBQ pit in it…however i was disappointed when my friend showed me the poster on the right. It has so many similarities that i immediately scrapped the idea. Damn you PISAF 20006, damn yoooou!

So anyway, there wasnt much time to plan the next idea so i just went right to work on it.

Personal Logo
Well considering that there wasnt much time to thing about it, i decided to narrow my selection process of my personal logo to just my initials, which are the letters “S” and “A”. I finally settled on this design although im sure it could use plenty more tweaking. I initially created the first sketches of this in photoshop. Then i thought that it would look cooler in 3D but it only made the design look overly complicated. In the end, illustrator was used to get the smooth straight finish. I guess maybe a simple straight on approach works best.


July 24, 2008

Its not that strong of a series i know, but its all that I’ve got.
Lets just loosely say the theme is “Toys”.

Toy car, toy train and toy robot.

Assignment 1 follow up.

July 22, 2008

Another project in the series, really simple idea.

Then added a 3D machine i modeled in max, tried to clean up edges and added shadows, then tired to fix the lighting to the best of my ability. I learnt from Carlos at the DOC that there is so much i dont know about photoshop. He uses all sorts of different tools to such incredible results.

Also the finished toy car image which i had printed.

Tossing flash!

July 16, 2008

I cant take good pictures at all. In fact, my hands feel so shaky and wobbly holding the camera, totally contrary to when im grasping my xbox controller in a vice like grip.

Anyway, I ‘procured’ for myself a digicam and the unfortunate cat is the first to get a taste of my horrid cam work .

“…its too shakey, hold it tighter…”

“…aargh, turn of the flash lah…”

“…now its too dark…”

“…i said don’t flash me lah!…”

One thing i learned, is that taking pictures of cats is haaaaaaard as hell. They are so energetic, well at lease this guy is in front of the camera; and flashing the cat is great fun.

Hazaazs!! I managed to get into digital imaging…what a big worry off my mind. However, if i had any idea the class was going to be conducted in Mac, i may have changed my mind about the class; the very idea of not having a right mouse click simply repulses me.  Confession time, I’m just so bad at using Mac (I don’t even know how to create new folders in Mac…sheesh) , but I reasoned that this would be the perfect time for me to play around with it; I cant run from Mac forever and it has fun tools i must admit!

So anyway, now I have to do a blog too. To many others, blogging maybe their sole joy in life but it is seriously an arduous task for me. I swore i would never but now i have no choice it seems. So a preemptive warning, I can be quite convoluted and i have atrocious spelling. So if you find me or this blog offensive in anyway, please do not feel like you need to carry on reading. And so without any more useless ramblings, lets move on to…

Assignment 1: Digital Image Series
I find when given the opportunity to do anything, I find myself doing nothing. Maybe its because I find that with no restrictions, I really wont know where to start. So after several terrible ideas, like trying to fit myself into a toy box or to artificially cover myself with gang tattoos, I finally gave up in frustration at this one…

Damn penguins…damn you for being so fuzzy and annoying to cut out. The train was also not originally in the picture; it was to lo-res to even begin with and looked terrible after i enlarged it only slightly. In the end this project went to the trash like the rest. After a wasted day, I decided that i should just stop with the lofty ideas and just go for something easy first.

The next day, I started a new project. This time the idea is simply to put that toy car into a real parking lot scene. Don’t ask me why I settled on this, I just found that toy car to be very funny looking.

After some bg tweaking…we have:

I tried to fix the lighting and added some basic shadows and that was pretty much all i had had time for.